Friday, February 25, 2011

Grandmother's Attic Reaches 5000 Sales!!

Today was a milestone! My etsy shop reached 5000 sales today! A couple of weeks ago, my husband said he would take me to The Melting Pot if I reached 5000 sales by my 3rd Etsy anniversary which will be March 8th! The race was on! It started getting closer and closer and as of this morning I was 15 sales away! By tonight, the goal was met!

A great big, huge thank you to my wonderful customers and even to a fellow dealer/friend/facebooker who bought a book for her granddaughter today when she read how close I was!

It's not always about the sales though...through Etsy I've made new friends and shared stories, laughter and pictures with people all around the world! I love the community of Etsy and it's truly been a blessing these last three years!

A huge thank you to my wonderful husband for his support, lugging abilities and not freaking out too much over the back stock in the basement! I also thank you for cutting some of the very first ephemera that debuted almost three years ago! I think I thank you for always telling me to "buy more stuff"!

Another big thank you to my mom who offers free bookkeeping services and saves me hours of work! She also likes to cut paper and accompany me on shopping trips!

Looks like we'll be making reservations for The Melting Pot soon!

Here's to another 5000 sales, new friends and happy customers!


laurie -magpie ethel said...

congrats! That is a great accomplishment...maybe you need something more than just dinner at The Melting Pot! Well done!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Elizabeth!
This is HUGE!
GREAT customer service and amazing merchandise... every time I do a general search for something I might be interested in, GrandmothersAttic has SOMETHING, and clearly MANY people think this! WAY TO GO!
Jane in Michigan

E said...

Congrats Elizabeth !! It was a pleasure visiting with you last week; I just blogged about you today. I see you frequent Lavender Hill, Carolyn and I worked together several yrs ago. I love her work, I used to have her decorate my Christmas tree !