Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Childhood Christmas List For My Grandparents

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This totally cracks me up! My mom found this among my grandparents belongings after they had both passed away. She came across it in her things again last year and gave it to me. I laughed and laughed and laughed as I read it! Did I seriously think that my grandparents were going to get me all of these things? Or even half of them?

From the items listed, I figure this was written when I was about 8 or 9. I packed away the Barbies by the time I was 12! I was also big into preppy stuff around that time (makes you wonder why I wanted the I Hate Preppies Handbook doesn't it?). I did a little research and the Beauty Secrets Barbie came out in 1979 but appears in a 1980 catalog. By 1981 I had secured the Atari for my 10th birthday (helped keep me from scratching my chicken pox I got late in my childhood, thanks Greg Zittrain!). So, again, I think I was either 8 or 9!

I can't remember what they actually gave me that year and if anything came from this rather detailed and obnoxious list but suffice to say I never did get a ski vest jacket, a jewel box, a big china tea set, a Barbie camper, a Barbie Star Vette, Linda Rodstants Greatest Hits Record (notice the incorrect spelling of her name!, toe shoes, the Barbie Dream House (although I did acquire the Barbie Townhouse and I still have it to this day!), a parakeet (can you imagine???!!!), The I Hate Preppies Handbook, dark colored fingernail polish (I had lots of glitter nail polish though), a Tri-LabPack chemistEry set (again, note misspelling), Potterycraft, Merlin, Simon or the Barbie Dream Pool (I had a rather nifty Barbie bathtub/jacuzzi though and a toilet that really flushed).

Anyway, I forgot to post it last year so I tucked it away next to my computer and figured it was time to pull it out again, scan and share with you! If you were a child of the 70s/80s then you'll remember many of these things I'm sure!

Happy Holidays!

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