Monday, March 8, 2010

Andrea's Retirement Party

I'm so behind on blogging! Mainly because I'm buried under papers crunching numbers for my tax guy who didn't impress upon me last year that I would need more specific numbers this year for my business stuff. Ugh!

Anyway, one of my co-workers, Andrea, retired at the end of February! She had been there for almost 16 years! Such a wonderful, kind and thoughtful person! A true pleasure working with her these last 8 years! She will be missed!

When my boss asked for my help with Andrea's retirement party, I recruited my mom (a caterer in a past life!) and we got busy! Picked the yummiest foods that the Cheddar Box cafe in Louisville offered, sampled delicious cakes at Sweet Stuff in New Albany and went to Caroline at Lavender Hill to get flowers (she did my wedding flowers and I'm still talking about them!). It all came together Friday the 26th at my boss's house. What a great afternoon and party! I have to say though, mom and I came home and collapsed at 5:30! We were two tired party planners!

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janie said...

The table looks beautiful and the food yummy! You and Elaine did a great job :) Janie