Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Last of the Glass Wonderland

I finally ventured out of the house Saturday. My personal chauffeur (Tim, the husband) picked me up at the corner where I still had to make my way over ice and snow but not the mound of it that had been pushed to the curb. I took a few pictures around our yard before we pulled away. I had almost 15 packages to mail at the post office that had been accumulating from etsy sales and we stood in line with the rest of New Albany for 30 minutes. From there, we made our way to the bank and I got that caught up. Then a quick stop at work to drop off my hours and then a much needed haircut down the street!

Temperatures in the high 30s, 40s and even the 50s today brought much needed melting to the area. The trees soon lost their glass coatings and icicles fell with a vengeance from houses and power lines. We were thankful when the neighbor's ice coated tree limbs were no longer resting on our main power line. Thankfully, we never did lose our power and appreciated every hour that we still had our light and heat.

Many people are still without electric and it may be a week or more before they have it again. Public schools are still closed in Louisville. Hopefully, normalcy will soon return. I for one am quite ready for Spring...

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