Monday, September 3, 2007

Look What the Husband Dragged In

Yeah, I'm not sure exactly what it is either.

Or why it was living on a shelf in my basement.

But here's how the conversation went:

Me: "What the heck is this thing?"

Tim: "Oh, I found it in the yard a few months ago."

Me: "And, you brought it in the house because why?"

Tim: "Well, I thought it might be worth something."

Me: "Well, what is it exactly?"

Tim: "It's an insulator, and I found it around the time you were trying to sell all those
insulators that turned out not to be the valuable ones."

Me: "Oh. Well, can I throw it away now?"

Tim: "Okay."

So, that was just one of the icky cobweb covered things I pulled out of my little storage closet in the basement over the holiday weekend. A couple of months ago we started the project together by throwing out tons and tons of boxes that had accumulated in there from our eBay days. Then a few weeks ago I started using it for the stockpile of free toothbrushes and deodorant and cheap but good laundry soap. So, I decided it was time to finish off the job and make it respectable. Didn't take too long and among the other icky items were several pieces of filthy glass and some wood bound by a metal strap that all had been living in the closet since Tim bought the house over 10 ys ago. I cleaned up a ton of dirt and crud with a dying Shop Vac (we only have like 4 and I got the one that sounded like one of those cows from the State Fair was dying every time I turned it off), reorganized all of Tim's old metal fans he won't let me get rid of yet and lined up all the toothpaste and deodorant and laundry soap.

Just makes ya feel good to have another room cleaned and organized.

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New Alb Annie said...

And I appreciate all the packing peanuts!!!