Sunday, August 19, 2007

Well, well, I finally took the leap!

After debating with myself for months now, should I start a blog and spend hours posting useless information for people I hardly know to read or should I spend the time scrapbooking and/or doing laundry?Well, obviously scrapbooking and laundry are going to suffer.But, so the journey begins and welcome!


New Alb Annie said...

You start out scrapbooking. Then you start hanging around state fairs, handling alligators. Then, before you know, you've started a blog.

Happens all the time.

obsessed scrapbooker said...

Totally makes sense to me!

G.Coyle said...

yea! - more "worthless information" now available from the local blog-world. My only goal when I started blogging was to post about NA - boring local stuff only my neighbors would care. Likewise I can't get enough of these local blogs which turn out to be more entertaining than most of what I read these days. Thanks for adding your perspective.